Hassle-free Holiday Season

7 Ways To Take The Hassle Out Of Your Holiday Season In Niagara

Escape the holiday chaos with a serene December by opting for a more relaxed approach to shopping, entertaining, and connecting with loved ones. Take a brief detour to Niagara for a day or two of leisurely exploration in the scenic Niagara Benchlands and St. Catharines. Your result? A joyous holiday season centered around the meaningful moments that truly matter.  

Here are seven of our favourite tips and tricks for tapping into some of the things Niagara does best to take the hassle out of your holidays. 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #1:
Go Straight to the Source for Holiday Wine, Beer, and Beverages 

Whether you’re buying bottles for gifts or stocking your personal bar in preparation for holiday gatherings, the enjoyable experience of savouring and socializing with the welcoming and skilled staff at Niagara’s numerous wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries transforms shopping into a delightful affair. Among the local favourites are: 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #2:
Avoid the Hustle and Bustle of Crowded Malls 

Escape the weekend hassle of circling parking lots and battling shopping mall crowds. Opt for a more enjoyable experience by leisurely strolling down an actual street, exploring shops that catch your eye. It’s a refreshing change that allows you to encounter welcoming retailers offering a unique array of gift options, far beyond the offerings of the typical mall stores. The top recommendations for holiday street shopping in Niagara are:  

Local holiday markets, like BlackOwned905’s annual holiday market on November 26 and Winter At The Market at St. Catharines’ Market Square Wednesday evenings through December 6,  13, and 20 is another great way to find creative gift ideas. 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #3:
Keep Extra Host & Hostess Gifts on Hand 

Whether it’s a few beautifully wrapped bottles (see hint #1), decadent truffles from Chocolates Etc., gourmet treats from shops like Bushel and PeckCherry Lane, and Grand Oak Culinary Market, or a cute ornament for the tree from The Watering Can, having a selection of wrapped and ready-to-give gifts on hand will save you from a last-minute dash to the store. Cheekbone Beauty, an Indigenous-owned beauty brand that calls St. Catharines home, has lovely cruelty-free beauty products available for online purchase that any host will adore receiving. 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #4:
Take Your Family Holiday Dinner on the Road 

If large family dinners have been on hiatus these last few years for your crew, why not try something new? Niagara’s an excellent destination for a family meal. Inn On the Twenty is offering a Christmas dinner on December 24, 25, and 26, a Christmas brunch on December 25, and a New Year’s Eve dinner. Red Stone Winery is hosting a Traditional Christmas dinner on December 1. In Jordan Station, join 180 Estate Winery for a Chef’s Holiday Dinner on December 8.  

Other excellent options for a hassle-free group meal leading up to the big day include: 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #5:
Make Time for a Spa Session 

Take a proactive approach to alleviate holiday stress by scheduling a relaxing spa afternoon. While in Niagara, explore excellent options to rejuvenate, such as: 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #6:
Borrow a Holiday Baker 

If spending an afternoon baking isn’t your cup of tea, why not make your holiday baking an adventure? With a few quick stops in and around St. Catharines and the Niagara Benchlands, you can fill your trunk with delectable treats, ready to stock your freezer and wow your guests. For the best local bakery finds for holiday delights, consider: 

Hassle-Free Holiday Hint #7:
Ring in the New Year with a Refreshing Getaway 

Revel in the tranquility of a day or two away – a perfect remedy to cross the holiday finish line. Explore excellent options such as: 

Get even more ideas for enjoying the holiday season in the Niagara Benchlands and St. Catharines.


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