Unlocking Lincoln

Prepare For Some Fun Surprises As You Explore Another Side of Niagara’s Past

Any Canadian history textbook can tell you about the events of Niagara’s past, but there’s a much better way to bring those stories to life! Bypass the books and get a true sense of Niagara’s rich past and the colourful cast of characters that once lived here by spending an afternoon getting WanderLost in the Town of Lincoln!

Jump Back In Time In Jordan

Start your adventure in the Village of Jordan. You’ve probably enjoyed Jordan’s fantastic shopping, sipping and strolling in the past, but learning its unique history will make you adore this friendly village even more!

Stroll down the main street and keep an eye out for the Jordan Apple Works commemorative plaque. The long stone complex houses a collection of sweet businesses today, but the building they call home has a surprisingly sour past! Many people don’t realize this historic stone building was originally built to house the Jordan Vinegar Works.

Next, walk down the street to The Jordan House. First built in 1844, this building has some serious history! Whether hosting church services or serving as a site for vigilante meetings, this storied gathering place was and continues to be THE place for locals to meet. The patio makes a great place to enjoy a pint of craft beer, or a glass of their signature Sangria blends on a sunny afternoon. Snack on elevated pub fare favourites like sweet potato fries, roasted chicken wings and fish and chips. The Jordan House has a great kid’s menu too!

A Magical Spring Runs Through It

Next, make your way to Cave Springs Conservation Area. The park’s natural wonders are spectacular, but the site is overflowing with fascinating local history too. Margaret Reed, who once lived here, was known by area children as “The Good Witch.” Legend has it that Margaret told children that the spring water running from the Escarpment was magical and protected the local lands. The site is also home to a wartime hideout and mysterious rock carvings. Talk about historical hide and seek!

History-Making Horticulture

Not all of Lincoln’s unique hits of history happened in the distant past. To get a sense of some of the cool things that have happened here more recently, stop in at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Some of the coolest recent advancements in Canadian horticulture research and innovation were developed on this 218-acre campus, including new products like the Cold Snap pear, the Radiance sweet potato and the 49th Parallel Collection collection of hardy roses.

Fuel Up In Beamsville

If learning about Niagara’s important role in agriculture leaves you feeling ready for a snack, you’re in luck! Head down the highway and wander around Beamsville’s downtown streets.  You’ll find plenty of options that will hit the spot, including restaurants, bakeries, cafés, specialty food shops and more.

Stories From Six Feet Under

While it may not come to mind as a wonderful place to wander, the Mount Osborne Cemetery in Beamsville is a peaceful place to learn about some of Niagara’s notable residents from the past. Colonel Adam Konkle Jr.’s fascinating life story, which included fighting in some of the War of 1812’s most significant battles, is captured on an elaborate epitaph in the southwest corner of the graveyard.

Earn As You Explore

Upgrade this Unlocking Lincoln itinerary with fun facts, and additional stop suggestions and earn points as you go with interactive reward challenges and trivia questions! Download the free WanderLost app to your smartphone and take your Niagara adventure to the next level.

COVID-19 Measures

Protecting the health and safety of yourself and others is very important.  As the COVID-19 situation in Ontario continues to change, a minute or two of extra planning is an important step in ensuring safe adventures.  This activity is adapted with personal and public health COVID-19 measures in mind.  All participants must adhere to the current restrictions and guidelines for the Niagara Region found in the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 response framework, including physical distancing, wearing a mask or face covering, frequent handwashing and staying home when ill.  Enjoy this activity in a small group (with members of the same household) and avoid large crowds.  Have fun and be safe.